1908 activities that my computer thinks I like

Each activity differs from those around it by adding, removing or changing a single letter.

gerunds only

also some other words that looked like gerunds, but aren't

like "ring"

eating, easing, basing, biasing, biassing, brassing, grassing, grossing, glossing, glassing, gassing, sassing, massing, missing, kissing, hissing, dissing, pissing, passing, pausing, causing, casing, chasing, ceasing, teasing, teaing, tearing, taring, taxing, taking, tacking, sacking, snacking, smacking, slacking, stacking, stocking, shocking, chocking, checking, chucking, shucking, sucking, ducking, duckling, buckling, suckling, sickling, pickling, prickling, trickling, truckling, trucking, tucking, fucking, mucking, musking, mushing, bushing, bashing, basting, baiting, bailing, balling, belling, felling, gelling, yelling, yelping, helping, helling, telling, jelling, celling, ceiling, veiling, veining, reining, ruining, raining, draining, braining, training, straining, staining, steining, sterning, terning, turning, turfing, surfing, surging, purging, urging, urning, burning, burping, bumping, pumping, plumping, clumping, lumping, jumping, dumping, dumpling, rumpling, rumping, umping, upping, supping, sopping, soaping, souping, couping, coping, cowing, bowing, owing, swing, suing, sluing, bluing, cluing, gluing, glueing, blueing, clueing, cueing, cuing, cling, fling, sling, sting, string, storing, shoring, sharing, shearing, spearing, speaking, sneaking, snaking, slaking, soaking, shaking, staking, stalking, starking, sharking, sharping, harping, carping, warping, warring, marring, jarring, tarring, parring, earring, barring, barfing, barbing, barging, banging, banning, binning, ginning, grinning, grinding, rinding, ridding, kidding, bidding, birding, girding, gilding, wilding, wielding, welding, gelding, melding, molding, holding, hording, lording, cording, corking, forking, working, wording, worming, norming, forming, forging, forcing, fording, folding, fonding, fondling, foundling, founding, rounding, wounding, sounding, mounding, hounding, pounding, pouncing, jouncing, bouncing, bounding, bonding, binding, winding, wining, wiping, piping, pimping, primping, crimping, criming, chiming, chiving, chiding, childing, chilling, shilling, shrilling, thrilling, trilling, drilling, grilling, rilling, willing, wiling, oiling, piling, riling, tiling, titling, tithing, kithing, withing, witching, winching, pinching, punching, paunching, launching, haunching, hunching, hutching, hitching, pitching, patching, hatching, latching, matching, catching, watching, batching, botching, bitching, ditching, itching, inching, cinching, clinching, clenching, blenching, bleaching, leaching, teaching, beaching, reaching, preaching, breaching, breathing, wreathing, wrathing, writhing, writing, whiting, whining, shining, shinning, chinning, thinning, twinning, winning, wincing, zincing, mincing, minding, finding, funding, fending, vending, venting, renting, denting, tenting, tensing, sensing, sending, spending, upending, pending, lending, mending, ending, wending, rending, trending, tending, bending, blending, bleeding, bleeping, sleeping, sleeting, sleeking, seeking, seeding, heeding, needing, feeding, weeding, deeding, deeming, teeming, seeming, seeing, seeping, peeping, peeking, peeling, heeling, feeling, keeling, reeling, reveling, revering, severing, levering, leering, veering, jeering, peering, peeving, reeving, reeking, reefing, beefing, beeping, keeping, keening, kenning, penning, pinning, inning, sinning, sunning, running, gunning, punning, dunning, cunning, conning, donning, dinning, dining, dicing, ricing, icing, vicing, vising, vining, lining, mining, pining, tining, tinning, tanning, manning, fanning, vanning, canning, canting, panting, planting, slanting, scanting, scanning, spanning, panning, planning, planking, blanking, flanking, franking, cranking, clanking, clacking, clucking, plucking, plunking, clunking, flunking, funking, junking, dunking, bunking, bunging, dunging, dinging, zinging, winging, twinging, twingeing, tingeing, bingeing, singeing, singing, binging, tinging, tingling, singling, jingling, mingling, mangling, tangling, jangling, dangling, angling, wangling, gangling, gargling, gurgling, burgling, bungling, bugling, bugging, bogging, hogging, fogging, flogging, clogging, slogging, logging, lodging, dodging, dogging, jogging, joggling, toggling, boggling, goggling, giggling, wiggling, niggling, jiggling, jigging, jugging, hugging, tugging, mugging, rugging, lugging, slugging, plugging, plunging, lunging, lounging, longing, bonging, gonging, gorging, gouging, rouging, roughing, soughing, coughing, toughing, touching, douching, vouching, couching, pouching, poaching, coaching, caching, aching, acting, anting, wanting, ranting, ranging, manging, hanging, ganging, panging, pinging, hinging, ringing, wringing, fringing, cringing, bringing, bridging, ridging, rigging, figging, pigging, digging, wigging, gigging, gagging, sagging, swagging, shagging, snagging, nagging, hagging, haggling, waggling, wagging, ragging, dragging, bragging, bagging, fagging, tagging, lagging, legging, pegging, kegging, begging, egging, edging, hedging, wedging, wedding, wadding, warding, warning, warming, harming, arming, aiming, liming, miming, mixing, nixing, fixing, filing, filming, firming, farming, farting, darting, dating, hating, haring, faring, paring, parsing, parting, partying, parrying, tarrying, marrying, carrying, harrying, hurrying, currying, curring, purring, spurring, spurning, spurting, sporting, spotting, spouting, pouting, routing, touting, outing, muting, mating, gating, gaping, aping, ping, piing, pieing, dieing, tieing, toeing, toting, tooting, totting, trotting, rotting, jotting, dotting, potting, porting, posting, costing, hosting, hooting, hooking, honking, conking, cooking, cooling, cowling, yowling, howling, fowling, fouling, fooling, foiling, foaling, goaling, coaling, coaxing, coating, moating, mooting, footing, looting, lofting, lifting, gifting, sifting, swifting, shifting, shirting, shorting, sorting, snorting, snotting, snouting, shouting, scouting, scooting, shooting, shooing, shoving, shaving, slaving, staving, starving, starring, sparring, scarring, scarfing, scaring, staring, staging, stating, slating, elating, plating, planing, playing, plying, flying, flaying, fraying, braying, praying, spraying, splaying, slaying, staying, swaying, spaying, spying, stying, tying, toying, towing, sowing, wowing, rowing, mowing, meowing, mewing, mawing, cawing, sawing, hawing, awing, jawing, yawing, yawning, pawning, dawning, fawning, awning, owning, gowning, downing, dowsing, drowsing, browsing, browning, drowning, frowning, crowning, crowding, crowing, chowing, choking, choring, coring, coming, homing, doming, dozing, oozing, boozing, boobing, booking, booting, booing, booming, rooming, rooking, rooting, rioting, roting, coting, doting, voting, vowing, lowing, blowing, flowing, plowing, slowing, sloping, eloping, loping, moping, moving, loving, gloving, globing, glowing, growing, groping, griping, riping, rising, riming, griming, priming, prizing, pricing, priding, griding, riding, roding, boding, coding, codding, nodding, sodding, podding, prodding, plodding, clodding, clouding, clouting, flouting, flouring, flooring, flooding, blooding, blooming, looming, zooming, dooming, dooring, mooring, mooing, cooing, wooing, wooding, hooding, hoofing, roofing, woofing, wolfing, golfing, goofing, goosing, loosing, looking, looping, cooping, pooping, hooping, whooping, whopping, whipping, chipping, shipping, hipping, tipping, tripping, ripping, gripping, dripping, dropping, drooping, trooping, trouping, grouping, crouping, cropping, copping, cupping, pupping, pepping, prepping, propping, plopping, clopping, flopping, glopping, slopping, lopping, bopping, popping, mopping, fopping, topping, toppling, tippling, rippling, nippling, nipping, zipping, dipping, pipping, sipping, yipping, yapping, rapping, wrapping, crapping, scrapping, strapping, trapping, tapping, papping, mapping, lapping, flapping, clapping, clipping, flipping, slipping, snipping, skipping, skimping, skimming, swimming, slimming, shimming, whimming, whamming, hamming, ramming, jamming, lambing, jambing, lamming, clamming, slamming, slumming, scumming, summing, bumming, gumming, cumming, chumming, humming, humping, thumping, trumping, tromping, romping, roping, roving, proving, probing, robing, robbing, rubbing, subbing, pubbing, dubbing, drubbing, grubbing, grabbing, crabbing, cribbing, ribbing, libbing, jibbing, fibbing, nibbing, nibbling, dibbling, dabbling, dabbing, cabbing, nabbing, jabbing, gabbing, tabbing, stabbing, swabbing, scabbing, slabbing, blabbing, blobbing, bobbing, bobbling, hobbling, cobbling, wobbling, gobbling, gobbing, cobbing, fobbing, mobbing, sobbing, jobbing, lobbing, lobing, lubing, tubing, cubing, curing, puring, luring, during, daring, darling, darning, earning, learning, yearning, yearling, pearling, pealing, mealing, vealing, dealing, healing, sealing, selling, spelling, shelling, smelling, swelling, dwelling, welling, walling, falling, palling, palming, paling, baling, balding, banding, sanding, handing, handling, dandling, candling, candying, bandying, brandying, branding, braiding, braising, praising, raising, raiding, railing, trailing, tailing, mailing, jailing, failing, nailing, hailing, ailing, wailing, waiving, waifing, waiting, waisting, wasting, casting, pasting, fasting, tasting, toasting, coasting, roasting, roosting, boosting, boasting, blasting, lasting, hasting, hashing, cashing, ashing, gashing, lashing, clashing, flashing, fleshing, flushing, blushing, brushing, crushing, rushing, pushing, gushing, tushing, hushing, husking, hulking, hulaing, hulling, hurling, purling, pulling, pulping, pulsing, pursing, nursing, cursing, curbing, curving, carving, calving, halving, valving, salving, solving, soloing, soling, holing, voling, doling, poling, polling, bolling, bowling, bawling, brawling, trawling, crawling, drawling, drawing, draping, raping, rasping, gasping, grasping, graping, gracing, bracing, tracing, racing, raking, braking, breaking, freaking, wreaking, creaking, croaking, cloaking, clocking, clicking, flicking, slicking, sticking, stinking, slinking, sinking, sicking, socking, jocking, pocking, pucking, bucking, lucking, yucking, yukking, yakking, yanking, banking, basking, backing, packing, picking, ticking, licking, nicking, kicking, kirking, irking, iring, siring, soring, boring, goring, going, doing, dying, lying, laying, paying, pawing, paving, saving, saning, saying, shying, skying, skiing, skiting, kiting, citing, biting, siting, smiting, suiting, spiting, spiking, spicing, splicing, slicing, sliding, eliding, gliding, guiding, guiling, gulling, culling, mulling, dulling, dueling, duelling, quelling, fuelling, fueling, fulling, lulling, bulling, bullring, bullying, bellying, jellying, jollying, collying, colling, dolling, lolling, rolling, trolling, tolling, tooling, pooling, spooling, spooking, spoofing, spooring, spooning, swooning, swooping, stooping, snooping, scooping, scoping, scoring, scorning, corning, morning, mooning, moaning, loaning, loafing, leafing, leaking, peaking, pecking, necking, decking, docking, hocking, cocking, locking, flocking, blocking, blacking, lacking, jacking, hacking, hawking, harking, barking, balking, calking, walking, talking, tasking, asking, masking, marking, narking, narcing, arcing, acing, facing, macing, making, laking, larking, larding, lauding, landing, lading, lacing, placing, pacing, spacing, spading, shading, shaping, shaming, shamming, scamming, scramming, cramming, tramming, trimming, brimming, rimming, dimming, damming, damning, damping, vamping, amping, tamping, tramping, cramping, camping, champing, clamping, clomping, chomping, chopping, hopping, shopping, swopping, stopping, stropping, stripping, stripling, striping, striding, striving, striking, triking, tricking, tracking, racking, cracking, crackling, cackling, tackling, tickling, tinkling, inkling, ankling, rankling, ranking, tanking, thanking, thinking, chinking, clinking, blinking, linking, winking, pinking, kinking, finking, inking, oinking, rinking, risking, frisking, brisking, bricking, pricking, cricking, ricking, rocking, mocking, smocking, smoking, stoking, stoning, atoning, toning, toking, yoking, joking, coking, poking, puking, nuking, duking, duding, duping, doping, hoping, hyping, typing, taping, japing, jading, fading, fating, feting, felting, pelting, belting, melting, meeting, meting, mering, sering, spring, sparing, snaring, snoring, sporing, poring, poxing, posing, losing, loxing, boxing, foxing, faxing, axing, maxing, waxing, waking, waging, gaging, raging, aging, paging, caging, caking, faking, baking, baaing, baning, baying, baring, caring, raring, oaring, soaring, roaring, roaming, foaming, framing, flaming, flawing, flaking, fluking, fluting, fluxing, flexing, fleeing, freeing, treeing, theeing, teeing, peeing, geeing, weeing, weeping, sweeping, steeping, steeling, stealing, sterling, starling, snarling, snailing, sailing, sabling, sibling, sidling, siding, hiding, aiding, abiding, biding, biking, piking, miking, milking, bilking, billing, filling, dilling, nilling, milling, killing, tilling, stilling, stalling, smalling, malling, calling, galling, gaoling, gabling, cabling, tabling, stabling, stapling, staling, styling, stiling, smiling, soiling, roiling, broiling, boiling, toiling, coiling, coifing, coining, joining, jointing, pointing, painting, printing, sprinting, springing, syringing, stringing, stinging, swinging, slinging, flinging, clinging, clanging, changing, chancing, chanting, chatting, charting, carting, marting, smarting, starting, tarting, tauting, tatting, patting, spatting, spitting, splitting, slitting, shitting, sitting, hitting, fitting, pitting, petting, letting, netting, vetting, jetting, getting, gutting, nutting, jutting, cutting, putting, rutting, butting, abutting, abetting, betting, setting, settling, nettling, nestling, nesting, vesting, jesting, testing, besting, westing, wresting, resting, rusting, trusting, crusting, cresting, creating, treating, treading, trading, grading, goading, loading, leading, beading, breading, reading, dreading, dreaming, creaming, reaming, reaping, heaping, leaping, leasing, pleasing, pleading, pleating, bleating, bloating, floating, gloating, gloaming, gleaming, gleaning, cleaning, clearing, cleaving, leaving, leaning, meaning, deaning, beaning, weaning, waning, wading, hading, heading, heaving, weaving, waving, waling, whaling, whiling, whirling, whirring, shirring, stirring, sirring, firring, firing, fining, faining, gaining, paining, pairing, airing, miring, tiring, tiding, timing, taming, gaming, naming, laming, blaming, blahing, blading, blazing, glazing, grazing, crazing, razing, lazing, gazing, dazing, fazing, fuzing, futzing, fuzzing, fizzing, frizzing, friezing, freezing, breezing, breeding, breding, brewing, crewing, clewing, chewing, whewing, hewing, hexing, vexing, sexing, sewing, spewing, slewing, skewing, stewing, stowing, snowing, showing, shoeing, hoeing, hieing, hiving, giving, gibing, jibing, jiving, diving, living, liking, hiking, hiring, wiring, weiring, wearing, rearing, hearing, hearsing, hearting, heating, hefting, wefting, wafting, rafting, rifting, drifting, drafting, crafting, grafting, granting, grunting, brunting, blunting, bunting, busting, bustling, rustling, hustling, hurtling, hurting, hunting, shunting, shunning, stunning, stunting, stinting, tinting, hinting, minting, misting, listing, lisping, limping, wimping, wimpling, dimpling, simpling, sampling, sapling, sapping, zapping, capping, napping, snapping, slapping, swapping, swamping, stamping, stomping, stumping, slumping, slurping, slurring, blurring, burring, furring, furling, curling, curdling, hurdling, huddling, fuddling, fiddling, riddling, piddling, diddling, middling, meddling, muddling, cuddling, puddling, peddling, paddling, waddling, twaddling, swaddling, saddling, addling, adding, gadding, padding, pudding, budding, budging, bulging, bulbing, bulking, sulking, skulking, skunking, spunking, spanking, sparking, parking, perking, perming, terming, teaming, steaming, seaming, beaming, bearing, blaring, glaring, flaring, fearing, gearing, nearing, searing, smearing, swearing, sweating, seating, skating, sating, bating, abating, abasing, abusing, amusing, musing, fusing, fussing, cussing, mussing, moussing, mousing, lousing, sousing, rousing, dousing, housing, horsing, hosing, dosing, nosing, noting, nothing, noshing, joshing, poshing, poohing, pooching, mooching, smooching, smoothing, soothing, slothing, sloshing, slashing, stashing, smashing, swashing, washing, wishing, fishing, dishing, dashing, mashing, meshing, messing, mossing, tossing, bossing, bussing, busying, buoying, burying, buying, busing, using, sing, wing, wring, bring, ring, ding, zing, ting, king, eking, eying, vying, hying, haying, hazing, having, raving, braving, craving, caving, caning, craning, crating, prating, orating, rating, grating, graving, graying, greying, preying, prying, wrying, drying, frying, crying, trying, truing, ruing, ruling, muling, mauling, hauling, haling, haloing, halting, salting, malting, matting, batting, hatting, vatting, ratting, rattling, battling, wattling, tattling, tittling, titting, twitting, witting, wetting, welting, wilting, tilting, silting, lilting, jilting, jolting, molting, bolting, boating, beating, eating